• Nutrition and Supplements
  • Posture assessment
  • Individualized workout program including cardio


You will receive a meal plan based on food that you’re used to,so that adhering to the diet will be much easier. A successful plan is the one that is realistic to you and that’s the reason why it’s important to have an individually tailored program.

The Workout Program

The workout program will be designed after the posture assessment. Once the posture assessment is done, I will be able to identify which muscle groups we have to stretch and train more in order to correct any muscle imbalance that you might have. Based on the findings from the posture assessment and your goals, I will elaborate your workout program.

Exercise Correction

In case you’re not sure about a certain exercise execution, you can film yourself doing the last set of the exercise and send it to me so I can analyze your form and give you feedbacks in order to make the adjustments needed.

Progress Tracking

There will be biweekly check ins report in order for me to see how the program adherence is going and make the adjustments to your program if/when needed. Besides the biweekly report, you’ll have access to my whatsapp so we can stay in touch in case you have any doubt as we go.

Progress Pictures

Every 4 weeks, you will be sending me pictures so I can analyze your body composition progress